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What's Going On?

TV Time and Kids Festivals

by DPM on 05/02/13

Hello all.  It's been too long and I do apologize for that.  Spring time is always so busy for me that sometimes I forget what all i need to be focusing on, oh yeah... and then there's yard work.  Anyway, here is an update on the happenings of DPM.  

Tomorrow I will be working with a new female artist on a song that I helped co-write a few months ago.  If all goes well, we will be in the studio on Monday  to start laying down some tracks.  This one is definitely getting pitched to Mesher Music Group, www.meshermusicgroup.com  , so that they can work there magic and try to help us get a cut. Keep your fingers crossed.  

Also, tomorrow I will be on WFXL Fox 31 during the 7am hour to talk about the Turfgrass Festival and to play a Kids tune on my old trusty acoustic.  Y'all tune in and check it out.  

Saturday I will be playing from 11-12 noon at the Kids Festival for the Turfgrass Festival in Tifton, GA.  I'll do a complete set of classic kids tunes.  Yes, it's out of my normal style, but I am having a blast learning all these new tunes.  So if you have a kid, or just love the old classics that we grew up with, stop by and give it a listen.  Hope to see everyone there.  

Until next time....


New Songs, New Contacts, New Year

by DPM on 02/27/13

It's been a while and I do apologize for that.  Just a quick update.  I have partnered up with Mesher Music Group (co-owner actually).  You can find us at www.meshermusicgroup.com

Through this new venture i am hoping to open some doors for others, and for my music.  I am currently writing some upbeat, positive, female tunes to pitch off to a Nashville group.  I can't name names yet, but...  Stay tuned for what's next. 

If at first you don't succeed, Network - Network Again!

by DPM on 01/31/13

So I headed off to Atlanta, GA the other day for a whirl wind trip to volunteer at the GA Music Foundation event.  My job was to meet and greet... Count me in!!  The who's who of GA Music was there.  Everyone from Dallas Davidson, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown, all the way to Ludacris and Gov. Deal.  I made a lot of good contacts and shook a lot of important hands.  Now comes that task of connecting the dots and making them all line up so that they draw a pretty picture.  

Networking is very important.  Let me state that again... Networking is very important!  It is the key to success.  If you are not doing that as part of your day to day duties, well then you aren't getting anywhere fast.  Of course you have to be good at what you do, but if no one knows what you are doing, how do you expect to get anywhere.  

One of the hands that I shook the other day was a lady that is very important in the GA Music Scene.  Once we went through our formal introductions, I found out that she is originally from the same small town that I currently live in.  Guess what that makes?  An instant connection.  Always try to connect the dots.  Always try to learn.  Always try to connect with others that are in your field.  Always be Networking!

Until next time...

Emails, Tweets, and FREE Music?

by DPM on 01/03/13

Just a quick blurb about a few things that are happening in the DPM World.  First, Emails... We have been collecting emails from all the fine folks out there so that we can include you all in our newsletters and keep you all in touch with What's Going On!  If you're not on the email list, what are you waiting for?  

Also as an incentive for signing up on the email list, we are giving away a FREE music download.  Who doesn't like FREE music?  Go to the Music page, go to the music player, and click on the green button that says FREE Song.  Click it, and enjoy.

We have now also joined the Twitter nation.  Follow us for all the behind the scenes stuff at  twitter.com/DParrishMusic   Of course we are still online at www.danielparrishmusic.com , facebook.com/DanielParrishMusic  and at http://www.reverbnation.com/danielparrishmusic  Follow us anyway that you can. Please and Thank You.  See you at the next show.  


On the Radio!

by DPM on 12/12/12

I would like to thank Kirsten Underwood and WTIF 107.5 out of Tifton, GA for playing not only my songs, but all of the local unsigned talent on your station. You are what gives us the chance to be heard on a larger platform.  Thank You, and keep up the great work.   

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